About Me

If you follow me on Instagram you might have learned a bit more about me through my posts and stories. If you don't follow me on insta and would like to learn more about my crazy life, I'd like to introduce myself here! 

I'm Melanie! I started M Floral Boutique in 2016 but have been doing flowers for a while- my first wedding was over 7 years ago. I have a Bachelors Degree from UNLV in Biology with a concentration in cell and molecular biology (currently I'm not sure where my actual degree ended up but I've never been asked to see it so it's all good). I'm clearly not a writer, as you can tell from my jumbled list of facts! I've been married since July 2016 and have two furbabies- a pitbull diva named Brooklyn and the world's jerkiest cat named Brap. Seriously guys, the cat is mean... but he can do tricks and is really precious when he's sleeping so he can stay. I used to own chickens (yes in my Los Angeles backyard), but they were poisoned and my dear husband hasn't let me get any more just yet. My husband is a cinematographer and photographer (he does weddings too sometimes and the pictures of me below were taken by him). My favorite movies are Elf and She's the Man (don't judge) and the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise is my guilty pleasure... who doesn't love getting roses? My favorite flower often changes between garden roses, tulips, orchids, and ranunculus but sometimes it's just whatever is in front of me. Guys, I really love flowers! My passion in this industry is seeing the reaction of my brides and clients when they see their finished product. Bringing to life a vision is an adrenaline rush that is just amazing!