Floral Spotlight: Peonies

If I were to poll my clients as to what their top five flowers are, I could safely assume that peonies would be among that list! They are a late spring/early summer bloom that have a large flowering head, so despite their often high price they are a great value. 

Mainly available May through July, Paeonia (commonly known as peonies) are a gorgeous and varied bloom. They belong to the Paeoniaceae (Ranunculaceae) family and are named after the Greek paionia (or Paion), physician to the gods. Although many think of the bomb or full double types of varieties, many others exist such as the single, Japanese type, anemone (a version of Japanese type), and semi-double peonies. 

While peonies demand a higher price than many flowers, don't be afraid to incorporate them into your wedding, event, or arrangement orders! The head of peonies can range from 3 to 8 inches across, which will fill up much more space than other lower priced flowers (and thus can equal out the price). A peony bouquet is not only classic (and also currently trendy), it's gorgeous and full while using less stems than many other bouquets. 

Cut peony blooms generally have a 3-7 day vase life. Always remember to add cut flower food (trust me, it works better than those wives tale flower extending remedies floating around the internet), change the water every 2-3 days, and re-cut the stems at a 45 degree angle at each water change. Keeping flowers away from direct sun (despite how pretty they look in that windowsill) and at cooler temperatures will also increase vase life. It also helps to lightly mist the blooms with water daily if the environment the flowers are in have less than 80% humidity.

It's important to try to stick to buying peonies (or any flower for that matter) when they are in season. In season flowers are more available and thus have a lower price. Even if your budget is unlimited, out of season flowers tend to be smaller and not last as long. Fortunately, they are in season now and it's the perfect time to put in an order! 

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