Flower Care

General Flower Care

  • keep flowers away from heat, direct sunlight, and drafts
  • avoid crushing the stems when cutting (such as when using dull scissors) as this reduces water uptake- a sharp knife works best
  • many flowers and plants can be toxic to pets- place arrangements in a spot out of their reach
  • flowers do best with fresh water free of leaves and other debris, a fresh cut every other day, and placing in water that is cool or room temperature
  • check each day to make sure all stems are in water
  • remove flowers as they begin to wilt, brown, or age (the surrounding flowers will do better this way since old flowers emit a gas that ages and damages them called ethylene)
  • fruit also emits ethylene, so keep fruit away from cut flowers

Wrapped Bouquets

  • put flowers in a water source right away
  • while transporting, make sure to not leave in a hot car or without a water source
  • as soon as possible unwrap, cut stems at an angle (remove around an inch), and place into a vase with water and flower food (follow instructions on packet)
  • change water and recut stems every other day

Vase Arrangements (with foam)

  • add water each day for proper hydration

Vase Arrangements (in water)

  • change water and recut stems every other day and clean vase with soapy water before adding back in water and flowers
  • add flower food (floral preservative) according to the packet directions with each water change

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets

  • keep bouquets in water as much as possible
  • use a towel to dry stems before handling